Flat Rate Projects

Real Estate


House for Sale / House for Rent Flyer

Sell and rent houses more quickly with eye-catching unique designs and optional text polishing & photography.  Increase the consistency of the design, look and feel of every house flyer for your team.


Basic Service:

  • graphic design of flyer

  • quick turn around


Add-on Services:

  • text review, polishing & proofing

  • photography


Ask about monthly flat rate pricing with discount for offices of 3 or more people!


Annual Promo Package

Build and maintain stronger client relationships with a professional and timely annual promo package.  Consistency in design and feel helps to build personal recognition and familiarity for the next time your client or someone they know has a real estate need.  


Includes 3 house flyers per month, annual calendar with name & picture, 12 monthly newsletters and 6 colorful postcards.



Sample House for Sale / House for Rent Flyer


Restaurants, Bars & Live Music Venues


Monthly Event Calendar Package

Monthly event calendars are a great way to bring attention to your music program. The eye-catching designs will draw comments from guests and we've always got plenty of designs to suit a variety of live music establishments from cafes, restaurants and bistros to wine bars to rock and dance clubs.


With a brand new, unique calendar every month you'll be ready to market your upcoming live music and events.  You'll receive files that are ready to print, post on your website and send in an email; no more scrambing to put together marketing for events and live music. Keep your event calendar current on your website and send out a Facebook announcement with a simple copy/paste - our process makes it easy to stay on top of it.


Monthly Package Includes:

  • 11 x 17 Poster Design

  • 8.5 x 11 Printable Design

  • 1/4 page Handbills

  • Table Tent Design

  • Email and website-ready image for posting


Sample Monthly Event Calendar 

Print & Web Ready Images Included